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We're getting ready for the f'n great pub quiz...

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Making it really simple for you guys to join in from anywhere in the world, submit your answers LIVE and be up for some great prizes!

We'll send you a Zoom Meeting link

After you register your Virtual Team for the f'n great pub quiz, we'll send you a link to our live Zoom Meeting. You'll be able to set up your laptop or tablet to join our crew on the night... EASY! Of course, you will need to be connected to the internet...

You might even want to pair your device to your big screen TV so everyone on your team can watch in comfort!

Use a Smartphone to send in your answers

You'll be sent a separate URL link to submit your answers. Nominate someone in your team to be Captain... (this sucker will have to put their drink down to submit answers via their phone).

And don't worry - this isn't SMS so it won't cost you anything... you just have to select the right answer as quickly as you can!

You won't be able to cheat...

The fastest correct answer will get more points so there's no time to Google the answers, people!

Also.... the submissions will be locked after 15 seconds, so you really need to get your answer in FAST!

Ready to register? Have some fun next Thursday night with us in Bali...

Only $10 per team with all proceeds from Virtual Team ticket sales topping up Project Plenty, cooking and delivering food to people in need!

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